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Kiss:Without tongue
Blowjob:Without condom
CIM:Yes, spits it out
Extraball:Multiple times allowed
Photo:30% fixed in Photoshop

Emily is beautiful, but not as beautiful as on the pictures here: the pictures have obviously been photoshopped. In real life, her nose is much bigger, her thighs are a little fatter and her eyes are less bright. Also, without heels, she's much shorter than 173 centimeters: she was wearing very high heels (around 15-20 centimeters, probably) and, if I remember correctly, I was still taller than her (I'm ~180 centimeters tall), so I'm quite sure (not 100%, though) she isn't taller than 165 centimeters. Still, Emily is a beautiful girl, but not "the most beautiful girl you've ever seen": one can easily find more beautiful girls by going to crowded places. What makes Emily special, is the colour of her hair: not many escorts have red hair and I think red hair is really beautiful -- it's the main reason I chose her. If you want to know what she looks like without (or much less) photoshop, look at her "amateur pictures" on the website of the agency (create an account on there).

As for her services, they were okay, but I have nothing to compare them to (it was the first time I had sex), so I can't really give an accurate rating. She was nice and friendly and I could see she really tried her best, but she only made me orgasm one time during our time together (the second and last time I orgasmed, I made myself orgasm by masturbating whilst I was kissing her). We didn't really click, but that's not her fault. I was nervous and shy and had trouble staying erect 100% of the time -- those issues didn't help.

I THINK (not sure, because I can't compare) she's really good at sucking dick and balls -- I only orgasmed once but she really tried hard. It felt really nice with lube and without a condom, but I didn't feel a lot when she started sucking with a condom on. I didn't feel anything, at all, when she started riding my dick cowgirl style. My dick just went into a hole and I didn't feel a lot. My dick is around 14 centimeters in circumference (if it's completely erect), which is quite large, so I don't know why I didn't feel anything, even when I started pushing really quickly. Maybe I'm just bad at sex, maybe my penis isn't sensitive, at all, maybe her vagina has been used too often -- it's probably a combination of those things.

She'd have gotten a 9/10 for services, but:
A). She didn't want to do a striptease/lapdance, but on this page, she says she offers that service (and the operator said the same, when I asked her).
B), She didn't allow me to french kiss her, but she offers this service on her page (DFK / french kissing). I tried using my tongue whilst kissing her, but she didn't reciprocate. I didn't ask her "why not?", because I didn't want to argue with her, I'm not sure why she didn't allow this. I'm not ugly (well, that's what I think -- maybe she thinks I'm ugly, but I'm certainly not hideous and I'm pretty sure I look better than most other clients), I was well-dressed, I didn't stink, I was clean (I didn't shave, though -- sorry) and I was VERY polite and respectful.
C). "Lingerie and high heels", but she didn't have fishnets/stockings (more about this later) and I didn't really like what she was wearing.

I orgasmed in her mouth without paying extra, which was nice of her, so she gets an extra point for that.

Now, what went completely wrong: the communication.

Emily doesn't speak English well, but that wasn't a big problem and this is not the reason for the 0/10 score. 50% of the time, we could understand each other and the other 50% of the time, we used Google Translator (not perfect, but okay), so we could communicate: 7/10.

The reason for the 0/10 score, is because the agency/operator promised me and told me things that aren't true. I can prove all of these things with screenshots of our (text) conversations.

"If you have specific wishes as to outfits or special services, please specify them as well. "

Question: "Can she wear fishnets/stockings?"
Operator's answer: "Yes."
Reality: No, she didn't have any stockings/fishnets, or at least that's what Emily told me.

Question: "Can she wear quite a lot of make-up and look ..?"
Operator's answer: "OK, if you want."
Reality: No. She wore some make-up, which is normal, but not more than normally.

Question: "Can you tell her I'm a virgin and can you ask her whether this is a problem or not?"
Operator's answer: "Yes, no problem."
Reality: She wasn't told I'm a virgin (or, at least that's what I THINK she said), but luckily it wasn't a problem.

Question: "Can she do a lapdance?"
Operator's answer: "Yes."
Reality: No.

Question: "Can you tell her my special wishes and can you also tell her I'm a virgin?"
Operator's answer: "OK I will."
Reality; No, she did not, and I asked the operator to do this two or three times and to make sure of doing this. OK, MAYBE (I don't know) the operator copy pasted my special wishes to the escort, but it's also the operator's job to make sure the escort understands my special wishes and subsequently fulfills them, or at least tries todo so -- and that wasn't the case. None of my special wishes were fulfilled and I blame the operator for this.

The operator promised me a few things, but none of those promises became reality and some of those promises were simply untrue. Bascially, I was scammed and lied to: that's how I feel (and that's also simply the way it is). Because of that (and my special wishes that weren't fulfilled), my mood worsened (I wasn't angry at Emily though -- once again, it wasn't her fault), my libido decreased and so did the overall experience of the "meeting". I keep my promises (I pay the right amount of money, I come at the right time, I show up, ...), but the agency doesn't. So, I was very polite, respectful (by the way, the operator was polite and respectful, too, but she doesn't speak English well, but we could understand each other and communicate, so that's OK) and I kept my promises -- but then I am treated like this.

That's not fair and this is the reason for the 0/10 score for communication. When I complained to the operator after the "meeting", I didn't get any form of compensation (or a reply, at all): neither a discount nor a (partial) reimbursement. Anyway, such things are too much to ask for (and I didn't even ask for such things) and the operator isn't in the position to give any of these things, so that's OK. What bothered me the most, is that the operator didn't even give me a meaningless apology ("sorry") or an explanation. That's not how you treat a client in the service industry -- that's simply amateuristic.

Also: "We don't want our clients to wait for 1-3 hours."
I've actually waited for a reply for more than 18 hours twice (first time e-mail, second time WhatsApp message). I only got a reply after I sent a mail / message AGAIN.

In summary, I'd recommend Emily (8/10 total), but I would NOT recommend the agency.