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Kiss:With tongue
Blowjob:Without condom
Anal:Not available
Breast:Don't know
Extraball:Don't know
Photo:Real picture

This site gives me a lot of great memories and I met a lot of great girls here because I think the girls here are of the highest quality. But camila is really bad. First of all, I need to wait for her to meet in the hotel lobby, not the hotel room. After waiting for about 10 minutes, it was too late. The reason she gave was safety concerns. After entering the room, my phone was confiscated due to security issues. At this time, due to many inconveniences, my interest has been greatly reduced. The sex itself is very generic, it feels like Camila is new to the industry and has no experience in how to please clients, it's just routine. I can also feel her teeth during oral sex. I can still feel the smell of smoke during the kiss. After her first orgasm, Camila's English skills were almost zero. Because the translation software didn't convey the meaning, I felt so embarrassed that I could only look at each other. She said she wanted to work in this industry because she wanted to make money. But I want to say that you can’t make money simply by lying down. You also need to improve in all aspects.